Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A bit about Rocky

When I met her she was on the bottom of a down slide. She started to bounce back up when she met me. Not that I was the reason so much as I was part of the situation that ignited her, and I, to start crazy living.

Rocky was from a large family that resided in the Appalachians. She was very different from everyone around her from the day she was born and knew it. She loved reading when everyone around her despised it. she wanted to leave from day one when everyone else either wanted to stay, or only talked of leaving but stayed anyway. She spent a lot of time alone and bored out of her mind. In other words we had a lot in common, even though we were very different in many ways. She handled boredom they way most normal kids do, by getting into trouble. I was odd in the sense that I didn't know I was bored until she came along. When I unleashed I was older and not eased into the world. I am lucky to be alive and not in jail.

Rocky had a lot of sisters, brothers, cousins, and she wasn't sure how she was related to any of them. Her mother had apparently had many lovers and the man Rocky thought was her father, wasn't. It took her months to get her mother to admit her father was alive and many more months to tell her who he was and where he might be. That was all the excuse she needed to take off and get away from her home town. She had a relative that owed her father money he got calls every once in while from him demanding it. When she got to my town she almost left right away. She thought this placed looked worse than where she was from. She met her father who acted annoyed and disinterested. She stuck around a few weeks and was about to leave when she met me.

Rocky was small but scary. She was pretty, but hid it in her dark mess of hair and black clothes - hooded sweat shirts and black neck scarves. Her eyes were blue and the thick black eyeliner only made them more intense. You already know she smoked a lot, but he also drank beer, not to excess and she never seemed drunk - she seemed to drink because she liked it. I only knew her for a short time before I left, but we seemed to click. I did most of the talking, but she listened and stuck around, she seemed to like it as much as I did. At this point I really missed her and didn't quite understand why.

Both our lives were pretty bleak and uneventful before we met and we bot had large chunks of time we couldn't remember.

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  1. I loved this entry! I can relate to parts of the story. About her mom lying who her father was (my mom lied to my brothers) about being bored and doing crazy sh** I really need to go back and read all your entries.
    thanks so much for sharing.