Sunday, March 1, 2009

How did I get here?

I don't know how I got here. I have lived in this hot dusty town forever. My parents died while I was in high school so I dropped out and stayed in their house. It isn't much of a house and no one would ever check to see who owned it - half my neighbors are squatters and the other half abandoned their homes years ago. The only income I can tell that exists are pension checks, disabilities, and other such sources. There is nothing here! No one stops by - no gas station, no restaurant, no stores, the few vehicles that exist are old trucks and that is where most of the town supplies come from. A few people go to larger towns and buy all they can and bring it back and sell it out of their homes.

Do you get the picture? There is nothing here. I am not sure there ever was. This place is dead.

So here I sat in the heat and darkness as the house fell down around me. At first some of the neighbors brought food to me but that stopped pretty quickly. I wasn't sure what to do for food. I had no money and no way of getting any. I hate to admit it but I stole some food that lasted a few weeks, but that was really stretching it. I needed to do something.

Now I had never left this town. I didn't know what lay down the road or over the distant hills I could see. The farthest I had ever been was to the school in the town over. This was a very small school, an un-airconditioned trailer that served as school for several surrounding towns.

Out of shear desperation I left town and started walking to see if there were a better place to be.

Next - I find a bigger town


  1. Nice that you are getting back to the world, to which you, yourself belonged. Wait to get the next post: find a bigger town?
    However, i don't feel you get solace anywhere, b'cause solace is within you.

  2. I'm curious. What exactly is this blog about? Is it about you getting on your feet? Finding direction in your life? Is it a week by week blow of your daily mishaps, failures and successes? Are you going to tell stories about some of your most famous exploits? Hint, hint, hint. Good luck with your blog. And life...

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  4. You have a very interesting blog that I can relate to, just not in the exact same way. Hard to explain.